7 Simple Content Ideas

Mar 21, 2017

Content Creation… 

We all do it, even if we don’t think we do! Maybe you flit aimlessly through instagram, or post sporadically on Facebook. Maybe you have a strategy but don’t know how to implement it, or are simply stumped at what to say. 

You KNOW you are supposed to balance your content, take original images and share unique ideas… but where to start? 

Our newsletter today has 7 REALLY SIMPLE ideas that you can use to get you through the content week! Hoorah! 

So, here’s 7 simple cues you can use to structure your content planner! 

1. Big Ideas – Share expect opinion (yours or someone elses), an idea or quote

2. Humour – Delve into the world of meme or gif for one that tickles you. 

3. Interaction – Ask a question, share a photo contest or quiz, or post a fill-in-the-black sentence.

4. Current News – Share POSITIVE news about your industry, business or community

5. Giving Back – Feature customers, share a giveaway or make a coupon/discount available

6. Day in the Life – Share a candid photo of your business or feature an employee

7. Education – Tell people about your product/service, what it can do or how they can use it better. 

Got these down already and still feel lost? You need a Social Activator session! Trust us, 2 hours can change how you view digital marketing forever*

(* until they update Facebook, again) 




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