Top 5 FREE Digital Marketing Apps

May 16, 2017

Where is the time going?! It’s that time of year (well it is in our office) where you are ready to power on, charged up with longer daylight hours and increased productivity. 

But really we all just want a holiday. Amirite? Whilst we’re sitting here dreaming of landing that client that wants us on location in Hawaii, you guys should be getting to grips on the stuff out there available to make your life FEEL like a holiday. 

Are you feeling overwhelmed, frustrated or confused when it comes to scheduling, planning and posting??

You are a creative and professional small business owner, wanting to be seen as an expert in their field and feel well represented online. You want to feel organised and supported when it comes to social media, and be confident that your brand is working for you. 

That means confident your business is running whilst you’re on the beach… or beer garden. Get away from the computer this summer! 

Today we want to share our most-used FREE apps available to you, which can help you get in control of your social media and free up some time in your day. 

1. Hootsuite

Now is the time to get your campaigns planned and scheduled so that you can relax in the run up to Christmas. Check out Hootsuite (see also: Buffer) to get organised and schedule your social media posts waaaaay in advance. It’s handy to see them as an overview, and for the small business, the free options are more than a useful start! 

2. Canva

A  good introduction to basic graphic design (and we mean basic) but if you want to develop your pre-existing branding, create a new FB ad, or ensure your team stick to a set insta-template, here’s a good place to start. TIP – the stock images aren’t fantastic. Stay tuned for our top sources of free images and of course, remember that we send out monthly stock images completely free to use every month with this newsletter. Other options:Wordswag

3. Mailchimp

Do you want to email all your clients at once? Mailchimp is a free online email marketing solution to manage subscribers, send emails, and track results. In fact, you’re receiving this email c/o Mailchimp right now! It offers integrations with other programs such as websites and facebook which is super handy! Also, you will have seen the news about the new automations! Got current clients you need to update, people booked on a workshop that need reminder emails, or just a group of people that you want to send an offer to? It’s now available, and FREE! 


Short for “if this then that”, the classic computing algorithm, IFTTT links your social platforms, emails and storage together to act as an automated PA. Create recipes to post Instagram pictures to Twitter as native images, or trigger automations for dropbox storage. The world is your oyster here and can be a real time saver depending on the amount of tech in your life! 

5. Headspace

Social media is noisy, busy, and a million miles an hour. The expectation to be “on” at all times can lead to burnout, stress, and an unhealthy work-life balance. The Headspace app works to quiet the mind and sharpen your focus with guided mindfulness meditation.

Our passion is helping small businesses grow, we want to help you create an online presence that supports your business and gives you the confidence to flourish.

What are you waiting for? Have a holiday, and leave us to babysit Twitter. 

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