Where to Start with Social Media Analytics

Jul 26, 2017

When are you going to stop playing at social media and start taking it seriously?

Whilst everyone starts winding down a little for a summer break, we’ve been trialing a couple of new packages on the down low and have had such an overwhelming response from from our guinea pig clients!

So… we’ve decided to just jump straight in and offer something new to you all this summer! 

This is for those of you that just flipping LOVE social media. 

Wait. What are you talking about Laura? I thought you wanted us to give you our social?

Ha of course I do! But I also get how interesting it is for you to do it yourself… if that’s your thing! It’s great to engage with your community, see real-time responses and ultimately get 1-2-1 with your fans. 

So what should you be looking for when it comes to social analytics?

1. Basic Trends

Have your account numbers moved up or down? Followers, engagement and reach. 

2. Your Audience

Where are they, what age are they and when are they most engaged?

3. Your Content

What is your content distribution like? Are you producing varied, media rich posts than can be easily shared and engaged with?

4. Conversion Rate

How many times are visitors clicking through to your site or your CTA button? This ROI is an easy one to track! 

5. Your top (and worst) posts

What can you learn from these? What should you keep, and stop, doing?

The report on my social media allowed me to see the insights of what was and wasn’t working and the demographics of who looks at and interacts with my posts. This has given me great food for thought as to the type of post I should make and who my targets on different social channels are – more effective marketing will come as a result

When it comes to business, is it all play and no work? Is it GO GO GO? Do you have time to stop and think?

Our analytics packages are for real growth. It’s for you if you want to see a real impact on social, but need someone to get down and dirty with the stats. 

You are: 

  •  Running a real time business. You need content to be live and online immediately
  •  Feeling stagnant, your account growth has slowed down and your engagement has stalled
  •  Happy to manage your accounts yourself – you love the engagement and process
  •  Busy! It’s post and go in your world
  •  Not sure if your posts are being seen by the right people
  •  Ready to get serious about your social marketing and create a fan base

Your work is on the pulse and you need to stay present with your community at all times. 

By using your social stats and analytics to inform your marketing, you will identify your strengths and weaknesses and be armed with the knowledge to continue improving. 


  •  Clear on your wins, and where needs work
  •  Confident that your brand is being portrayed creatively and your mission accurately, attracting your ideal client. 
  •  Organised, supported and prepared to manage your marketing campaigns. 

I used to hate stats too. How boring is it to be presented with an Excel sheet full of numbers and be expected to decipher the results! But then I worked out how to make them pretty, and fun, and tell me EXACTLY what I needed to know. And all of a sudden. 


Do you want to smash the stats? 
When are you going to stop playing at social media and start taking it seriously?

Chat to us today and let’s get you upgraded. You got this. 





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