Setting Business Goals that Work (and what we’re working on this year)

Feb 12, 2018

Back on the 31st December, I’m afraid I did a little brag on Instagram – well if you can’t take stock and celebrate success at the end of the year, when can you?

You see, 2017 was a standout year for Anchor & Dash – our annus mirabilis if you like. Our client base expanded – good news travels fast, I guess – and I decided I couldn’t go it alone any more. So I took the plunge and welcomed an assistant and a couple of utterly inspirational freelancers to the A&D team. Plus we went Ltd., I paid myself an actual salary and took another trip to my beloved Iceland. Oh, and I got engaged! All the applause and high-five emojis!

Ahem, but I digress. Back on New Year’s Eve, I declared I didn’t need any resolutions. I was super-happy with A&D’s progress over 2017, getting tonnes of great feedback from businesses we’d been working with for a while and feeling pretty ecstatic about the wonderful new clients on our books. How does the saying go – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?

But lately I’ve been thinking about goals, inspired partly by this blog post by our lovely client Rachael at Simplified Accounting. Rachael doesn’t do resolutions either, but talks some serious sense about setting SMART targets (remember that? Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely – thank you, Mr Careers Advisor!) for your business. And so I thought it was about time I laid out some of our goals for Anchor & Dash – and, by extension, our goals for your business.

Now we have the ultimate #DreamTeam in place – you can check out their faces and credentials here – we’re even better positioned to take your design and digital content dreams and turn them into reality. Not sure where to start with social media? We can help. Need a consistent, engaging online voice that targets your ideal client? That’s our speciality. Depending on the level of support you want, we can provide you with specific market research, create killer original graphics and images and produce website copy that’s totally authentic and representative of your brand.

But that’s not all. Behind the scenes, we’ve set ourselves the target of sharpening our collaboration game: we’ve said farewell to spreadsheets and hello to the infinitely more flexible Project Management app Trello. We’re determined to practise what we preach and share more positive feedback from our clients with no apologies. And so without further ado… 

Here’s the Anchor & Dash Goals for 2018: 



1. Nurture our existing community

You guys are awesome, you already know that. And I LOVE that you are part of our wider crew as we navigate these somewhat choppy waters of small business development (both yours, and ours). It’s so amazing that we have some many connections offering support, words of advice and encouragement. So I feel that it is important to be present and engaged with our community. We are striving to share valuable content, for FREE, through the blog, newsletter and across social media, and welcome all comments and questions with open arms! We’re here, will put the kettle on, and can’t wait to hear your plans. 

2. Collaborate with our clients

Our systems have just had an epic overhaul which means communicating and collaborating with our clients is now super effective, easy and super-speedy. We’re now using Trello for a project management system and inviting clients to collaborate with us there on their projects. We have always striven to be part of their team, not a corporate agency, and now we can chat and share ideas and content all in one spot! It’s so exciting and an amazing progress point for us moving into 2018! Our current clients are loving it and so is the A&D team! 

3. Provide a service that is top notch

Our services cover everything digital marketing. Social media strategy and management – tick. Blog copywriting – yep! Photography and content creations – hell yes! We can even give you a brand new logo and killer website design. And can one person do all of those things to the best standard possible and turn it around super-slick? No they cannot. Which is where our #dreamteam come in! With Laura heading the squad (that’s me), our team of specialists are here to make your ideas sing and your pages pop. They really are the best and our services are now SO on point, you won’t know what’s hit you. In 2018 we will continue to give the best to our clients, and that means making sure the talent is available for them 100%! 

4. Create a springboard for other inspiring freelancers and small businesses. 

2018 is our year for giving back. That means paying freelancers properly, refusing to book for ‘exposure’ and empowering other small businesses to charge their worth. It means giving a meaningful platform to MORE small businesses who are making an impact in this world and allowing their voice to be heard. It means giving back to charities and people in need in our area (both locally, and industry) and we have a list of worth causes right in front of us every single day. We’ll be donating time and money back to the start gates, because that opportunity doesn’t come around often and we feel that everyone should have the best chance possible. 

I know – don’t we just work with the BEST people?

Another target is to keep reiterating our mission statement: the aspect of Anchor & Dash we think sets us apart from everyone else. You see, here at A&D we’re all about remaining true to our core values – no shortcuts, no quick-fixes, no botched jobs or bots but 100% focus on meaningful, authentic growth for your business. Real, purposeful growth; the kind that equals clients rather than lurkers and is measurable in terms of sales rather than meaningless stats. That takes thorough research, personalised attention and thoughtful collaboration – all services which we pride ourselves on providing.

And so finally that brings me to the last of our key goals for 2018: to introduce a tailormade Unlimited package for clients who want a completely individualised service. And it’s there – check it out on our Packages tab. It’s beautiful, brand new and shiny  – and ideal for the business that wants to call all of the shots when it comes to their online presence. Interested? We’re taking bookings now by application only. This package is for the businesses who are really ready to launch. Those of you who know exactly what you want, who don’t want a cookie cutter package and are ready to walk to the beat of their own drum. Your business is flexible, fluid and about to take off. You need a team ready to jump right in and run with it!

So that’s us for 2018 – no resolutions, but plenty of goal-setting for Anchor & Dash and, more importantly, for you and your business. Want to take 2018 to the next level? Schedule a call and see what we can do for you.



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