5 Reasons Why Niching-Down Can Upscale Your Business

Oct 15, 2018

When I first started A&D, I was a bit of jack-of-all trades. I’d design a logo, write blog posts then develop a wordpress site, with all kinds of social media inbetween. 

In an attempt to develop a reputation, gain clients and – let’s face it – earn some cash, I said yes to almost every job coming my way. I was attempting to do it all, whilst being everything to everyone. 

And you know what that means? I didn’t actually enjoy much of it. 

I was streched thin, my brain found it difficult to learn a million different aspects and skills, and the sleepless nights were real. 

So as you can obviously tell from the title of this post, I started niching-down. I started listening to my gut, and thinking about the tasks that fired me up and made me excited. That meant I could specialise, I could invest time and effort in becoming an expert in just a few things, and delivering projects that I was excited to work on and that I was proud to submit. 

Suddenly, we became known for creating incredible social media campaigns, coaching clients through beautiful brand development and managing exciting digital marketing strategies. And I could bolster that with the skills of the A&D crew, to provide a magnificent service that we were all proud of. 

Many positive things came out of starting to say ‘No’ – but here’s just 5 for you to think about today. 

5 Reasons Why Niching Down Can Upscale Your Business: 

  1. You can start earning more! Becoming a specialist, investing in personal development and being seen as the expert, means you can charge more for your services – whilst knowing that you are delivering the absolute BEST. 

  2. You will LOVE your clients! Your clients will totally get you and what your business is all about. There’s no ambiguity – they know exactly what they are getting and what you stand for – which means you will start to attract only your very ideal clients. 

  3. You can hire people. You will want to start surrounding yourself with talented people who can help you deliver the very best service. Whether that is allowing them to do their very best work (the bits that you don’t want to do) or bringing in other specialists to elevate your products even more – the collaboration and community will start to get exciting! 

  4. The rave reviews will flood in. By doing work that you love, time and time again, you will learn and develop quickly, and start delivering excellence. And clients love excellence! 

  5. You will have more spare time. Yes, really! Because you will have amazing clients, and an incredible team, that leaves you more spare time! You won’t be rushing from one app to the next, trying to remember how each one works or what your jobs are today; you can get down to what really matters. 



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