2018 Review and our word for 2019

Dec 30, 2018


Crikey-o-reilly can you believe that another year has flown by!? It has been a total utter whirlwind, full of incredible, stressful, amazing, crazy and inspiring stuff! If you’d like to hear our best bits, hold on for the ride and read on!

We started the year totally fully booked, an amazing feat for our first year in business! With enquiries coming in thick and fast it was time for A&D to clean up our offerings amd get clear on our brand. We had a little re-brand and relaunched our new website with our new packages. The wonderful Jess Petrie took some brand photos to complete the new look, and we rolled into Feb with a spring in our step!

Sophie French gave us a bit of a kick up the bum in February, and encouraged me to start living that dream life, with the dream clients! We headed over to Manchester to visit our Paralympian clients, and the beast from the east came and shut down the office for a few days! We did , however, mangage to squeeze in a few photoshoots for clients, a trip to London and launched our new ‘unlimited’ package.

March was another whirlwind, but luckily some new team members in the way of Laura M and Laura E joined us to keep feet on the ground! After April Bank Holidays and Easter – a welcome break from the Spring madness – we also brought Sadie Finch on board to help with the admin, and she breathed a new calmness in to the business!

The dream team assembled, it was time to hit the summer hard, but one thing was missing… and it turns out that thing came in the shape of office dog Beinn.

And after all that, we needed a holiday, so headed up to Scotland for a week on the beachand were treated to sun, sea and sand. Oh, and whisky of course. Renewed and invigorated, we launched our new Boss Your Brand package, which was snapped up immediately (much to our delight) and so celebrations were in order by way of a spa day! For the rest of the summer it was heads down with the team and getting sh*t done. We were productive and delivered some amazing projects.

So that brings us to Autumn, and time for another holiday – this time to the beach near Mablethorpe., Saltfleet.

Autumn was an amazing time for Anchor & Dash- launching some brand new businesses, brands and content for a range of clients all over the world. The whirlwind had settled (many thanks to the dream team there) and the ‘dream life’ I had set in motion in Feb, now seemed within touching distance.

There were brainstorming and coworking meetings, netwalking in the woods and lots of coffee. I started spending more time behind the lens, nurturing a photography passion of mine and dreaming of what the future holds for A&D.

October and November saw an almost 50% change in our client rosta which meant lots of new and exciting projects to get stuck into! We waved farewell to past clients ready to take their brand into the wide world, and set up introduction meetings with our gorgeous new clients.

The only thing left after that was to start launching some incredible Christmas campaigns, and have some fun! My 30th birthday took me off to Harry Potter Studios, and then we successfully logged off for the year on Christmas Eve.

Shine Bright in 2019

2018 brought to A&D all the teething issues I believe ALL small businesses go through – the matter of hiring a team, connecting with that ideal client, clarifying contracts and getting organised to the hilt. And now we are there, I am excited to be able to really dream big for 2019. Our systems are in place so that everything runs smoothly, I am no longer chained to my desk doing mindless admin and I have spent the last 3 moths exploring the tasks that fill me with joy.

So what does the next year have in store!?

Well for a start we will be THREE! That feels like a huge acheivement in itself, so we will be opening the fizz there for sure! I’m planning to do a lot more content photography for clients AND we have big plans in place to move the business forwards…. but more on that soon.

I don’t believe in resolutions, and instead choose a word for the year. 2018’s word was ‘MORE’ and boy did it bring more!

This year, I am choosing ‘SHINE’ because I really do feel like its our time to shine bright, get out there and be our amazing selves.

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So what are you planning for this year? Is it your time to shine too?!



  1. Rachael Savage says:

    Love this Laura, can’t wait to see what 2019 brings for A&D, it’s looking like it’s going to be amazing!

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