Content Session: New Year Photo Walk

Jan 6, 2019

This year is a year full of goals and exciting projects, one of them being creating more amazing content, for both myself and my clients. Another is blogging more as ME (hello, Laura #1 here!), to add some spice to this business blog!

This weekend I grabbed the pooch and headed out to my local valley, Burbage, for a good walk with the camera. The Boy was out climbing too, so I made a point to swing by their chosen lumps of gritstone for a natter and catch up with friends there too on my way round.

The weather was hovering above freezing (hence the coat on Beinn) and grey, with low clouds and a brisk breeze. Stopping for photos meant that I got cold quickly, and soon resorted to using snowboarding mittens to keep warm – meaning using my camera became fairly difficult!

No doubt you’ll be seeing these images on our feeds etc over the next few weeks, and I especially love the little snap I got of our friends and their little girl as they made their way down the path. Such a gorgeous family out for a climb!

Question: Would you like to see more blogs like this? Let me know and I would LOVE to share more of our daily lives with you!

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