Why You Should Have Your Own Brand Photos

Jan 15, 2019

‘But I’m not the face of my business!’ I hear you cry!

You might sell products online or in a physical store, maybe you run a café, are a ghost writer or web designer.

But I’ll let you in on a secret. PEOPLE BUY FROM PEOPLE AND WHAT THEY STAND FOR.

What do you stand for? Are you a fun, bubbly, totally magical cake-baking queen?! Maybe you are a gorgeous boss babe who gives killer presentations in a power suit. Perhaps you design your dream life from your favourite coffee shop, or start work with the sunrise when the light is just perfect.

Sure, the product and booking/purchase is the end-game, but as we have spoken about before, your brand message needs to hit the sweet spot with your ideal client so that they connect and totally get your amazingness. When you have your community invested and on your side, the sales will come easy!

Remember that #1 PERFECT dream client? I bet you wanted them to be your best mate right? You kinda miss them now you don’t work with them any more?

Imagine feeling that for every client. When you get it right, that’s what happens. Your vibe attrracts your tribe!

Don’t know where to start when it comes to putting yourself and your business in front of a camera?

  1. Download our free worksheet to start getting in the right mindset!

  2. Brainstorm your values, aesthetic and ideal client. Who are they and what do you all have in common?

  3. Book a short test shoot! You don’t need a full day or to break the bank – an hour or so is enough to get comfortable and test some of your ideas, locations, outfits or poses!

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Images in this post are shot by AKPBrandingStories for Anchor & Dash.



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