Why we are all photographers now

Mar 25, 2019

Let me ask you a question… When was the last time you took a picture? With your smart phone, camera, gopro… whatever.


I bet if you look in your camera reel, there will be a photo almost every day. To add some perspective, here are some figures: more than 350 million photos are uploaded to Facebook each day; Instagram gets 27,800 pictures a minute; in total, one analyst reckons, we now upload and share 1.8 billion images each day.

Just think about those numbers for a minute. Nearly 2 billion photos. A day. Every day.

Now take a moment to consider how many devices you have in your life that can take a photo. 2? 5?

Personally, I have just counted at least 10 in my home (including our DSLRs and point&shoot cameras).

With SO much photo taking opportunities surrounding us, when was the last time you were proud of an image you took and how confident are you at producing fantastic shots that you want to download and print later, not just leave on your photo reel?

Small businesses often need to snap, promote, share and go. Whether that is live posting on stories, straight to your feed or accessing your previously shot image bank to push a post through whilst you are on the move.

I’m not saying there is a time & a place for professional photoshoots (I LOVE a brand shoot!) but when its your daily requirements to have good images, that isn’t realistic for everyone.

That’s why I have teamed up with the fantastic Jess Petrie Photography to bring a photography workshop to the wonderful small businesses and photo fanatics of Sheffield. It’s for creatives, adventurers, entrepreneurs, and makers who want to feel confident with their camera so that they can produce beautiful, inspiring and engaging imagery for their business, social media, blog and personal projects.

The early bird pricing ends this week, so if you have been putting off getting better with your DSLR, or polishing your portraits, this one is for you. Simply click here to book your spot, or drop me a line!




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