Things I learned & loved : July

Jul 30, 2019

It’s that time of the month again… where I look back on what’s cropped up and consequently what I learned and loved during July 2019! Well last month I was looking forward to summer, and boy did it deliver! We’ve been adventuring in the van, camping and enjoying a fabulous heatwave!

Summer is a TOUGH one for keeping motivated; the heat, call of the beer garden and beautiful peak district on my doorstep means I generally want to grab my sandals and head off for a paddle in the nearest stream with the dog, and an icecream the size of my head. But NOPE, I am enjoying one of my busiest summers ever and so the desk is calling – so how do I keep myself motivated?!

Simple self care – I schedule in lots of treats and down time: from ordering that book on my kindle, booking a lunchtime massage, or working from a local cafe with a delicious iced coffee, I am sneaking those summer holiday vibes into my work day.

I’m also spending less time on a screen – answering emails or watching TV – and instead making time for wide open spaces, forest walks and just sitting in the garden.

How are you adding summer holiday vibes to your work day!?

Listening to: Lemonade (Beyoncé)

The Gist: Beyonce’s put her hand in every cookie jar of sound, making sure we hear her loud and clear — all genres, all listeners.

Why I loved it: With this album, Beyoncé is telling us that she’s made it this far in spite of the system in place; you know — the overtly sexist, subtly racist one. She was served lemons. And she made the most fire, refreshing, delectable, thirst-quenching lemonade ever known to man. Actually, scratch that — ever known to woman.

Watching: Queer Eye Season 4

The Gist: Grab some tissues! An all-new “Fab Five” serve up hip tips, emotionally charged makeovers and heartfelt reveals that bring out all the feels.

Why I loved it: Can someone nominate me for s5 please? PLEASE?

Reading: Fast Vegan

The Gist: Split into three sections, you’ll find substantial meals, whether that’s for breakfast, lunch or dinner, as well as tempting side dishes and, of course, a sweet section.

Why I loved it: I live in a vegan house, and its easy to get stuck in a cooking rut. I love this book for getting globally inspired, expect the likes of vegan sushi, Mexican tacos, Vietnamese pancakes and American burgers – all of which can be on the table with minimal faff.

Visiting: Helvellyn (Lake District)

The Gist:  The mountain of Helvellyn is the highest of Wainwright’s Eastern Fells and the third tallest mountain in the Lake District at 950m tall. We first climbed it via Striding Edge 2 years ago, and revisited for a summer adventure!

Why I loved it: Big skies, full lungs, no screens and cracking views. What’s not to love?!

What else did I learn and love this month?

Wow this month has FLOWN by and its literally been a ‘fly by the seat of your pants’ one for me. Whilst I love having an organised diary, this month I have learned that winging it is okay in some places… after all I can’t control other people, the weather, or sometimes my productivity levels. Stuff still gets done, and fab feedback still arives.

The things I’ve mostly found out this month?:

  • I have a vile mood when I’m hot! This heatwave has kicked my butt and reminded me to invest in a good fan, its just not worth it!

  • I’ve been starting letting my hair do its own natural thang, thanks to discovering the #curlygirlmethod. Turns out there are pretty beachy waves under the frizz after all! You can follow my journey on my insta highlights here

  • I’ve been out with my camera AGAIN this month, this time for some video footage for clients’ behind the scenes shots! Learning a new skill (video editing) is filling me with all the excited vibes of going back to school!

What have you loved and learned this month that I need to check out? Let me know in the comments!



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