Content Sessions – Sports Massage at Hands & Heart Therapy

Aug 1, 2019

The gorgeous Alena (owner of Hands & Heart) is one of my longest clients – from the moment she decided to leave her day job and re-train over 3 years ago! Now she’s a full time bodywork therapist and trainee councellor… and I get to take photos of her and her amazing staff!

Recently she has expanded to inclue two new therapists on the team, one of which is the lovely Bevin, specialist in sports and deep tissue massage…

I’ve had the benefit of experiencing a massage from each member of Alena’s team, and the addition of Bevin has come at a perfect time to sort out my gritty runner’s calves and hunched typists shoulders. If you need delicious deep tissue massage, a wonderful releasing stretch or acupressure, handandhearttherapy is my go-to for self-care.

In terms of the shoot itself, we were lucky with some gorgeous light streaming through the skylight, and a wonderful group of gorgeous willing models who were happy for me to take photos of them with very minimal clothes on!

I’ve been experimenting with some new techniques and lenses recently, and I was grateful that Alena and Bevin were open to my experimentation and direction… and judging by the response I received when delivering the gallery… it paid off!

Here’s what Alena said about our most recent shoot:

“Thank you SO much for these gorgeous, stunning photos. I love, love, love them. Once again they are exactly the right vibe for Hands & Heart. The colour palate, the softness and depth are just perfect. I love the focus on our expressive hands, which are quite beautiful in their shaping . I am more than excited to start seeing them in my social media. “

Brand awareness, ninja skills AND portraying you living your best business life is my superpower!

If you’ve not already heard, I’ve got summer discounts available for brand and lifestyle photoshoots, just get in touch to book yours in!



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