How to make sure headshots don’t feel like torture

Aug 5, 2019

I’m gonna say it – headshots are painful, boring and usually just a bit of a rubbish experience.

Sound familiar?

Today I’m here to tell you to let that sh*t go, and believe me when I say that your shoot is so much more than than ‘what do I do with my hands? is my make up ok? is my smile weird?’ …because I PROMISE you, your clients and followers don’t even notice stuff like that.

They see the real you, the stuff that lights you up inside, what makes you tick and the passion that you bring to your business. If you’re happy squirreling away on a laptop, massaging in a dreamy therapy room or live vlogging from an event – they want to see YOU doing what you do best.

 The Hands & Heart / Hot Yoga team The Hands & Heart / Hot Yoga team

Thank you SO much for these gorgeous, stunning photos. I love, love, love them. Once again they are exactly the right vibe for Hands & Heart. The colour palate, the softness and depth are just perfect. I love the focus on our expressive hands, which are quite beautiful in their shaping . I am more than excited to start seeing them in my social media.

If you want some of my top tips on getting the most out of a brand shoot, especially the bit where you look right down the lens – take these to start with:

  • If you can, ignore the camera. Look past it and at your photographer. You chose them for a reason!

  • Go somewhere that makes you feel comfortable, you can relax and enjoy spending time with your photographer.

  • Have a chat; tell them about your business and what you’re excited for over the next few days/weeks. The passion will shine through your face and into the images easily.

  • If your photographer gives you directions for standing etc, don’t get self concious and know that they are trying to help you look the very best you can, so take it and WERK IT!!!

 The Peak Pro Fitness team @ The Climbing Works, Sheffield The Peak Pro Fitness team @ The Climbing Works, Sheffield

“Working with Laura allows me to focus on my job and let go of worrying about content! I am thrilled by the Instagram responses, and love the imagery that connects to my ideal client. I’m pretty sure we are fully booked now!”

I want you to make sure your brand values and business vibes come through – and whether its me behind the lens or not, you have to know what message you are putting out there to connect. That’s why I work with clients through coaching conversations to uncover the business persona they want to portray, how they want to connect with clients and… best of all… how to create images that say all of these things and much much more.

 L-R: Beckie @ Infinity Digital | Rachael @ Simplified Accounting | Sarah @ Bear Fit L-R: Beckie @ Infinity Digital | Rachael @ Simplified Accounting | Sarah @ Bear Fit

I thought having a photographer was going to be the most nerve wracking experience ever! I thought I’d feel self conscious & pretty ridiculous. Laura knew I was nervous, gave me a big hug & immediately made me feel at ease. Laura is so friendly it was like I’d known her forever, we laughed our way through it & I ended up really enjoying myself!

Imagine having a shoot so that you could polish and update your website in one go, with custom imagery and behind the scenes video that makes your stomach flip. What about having a curated social feel with photos that are so dreamy you want to like your own posts?!

For summer 2019 bookings only, I’m pairing a brand messaging coaching session with a photoshoot so that you get the very best images. How awesome does that sound?!

If you want to feel like you deserve your own Times Square billboard, let’s have an hour unpicking those passions and building your very own supermodel runway, followed by a 90 minute shoot where-ever you want, that comes with a 50 image hi-res gallery so that you’ve got killer content to set your site and social on fire!

If you want to snap this offer up for £159, simply get in touch!



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