Sep 21, 2019

2 years ago this week I packed up my bedroom and piled boxes and bags into my dad’s car, ready to head off to uni in my now beloved Sheffield. I was almost paralysed with fear, and I think that car journey was the first day I ever experienced car travel sickness.

It was a rollercoaster of 9 years, learning how to live with housemates, leave friends behind, explore who I was as an academic, where my societal values lay, and try desperately not to spend my whole life in the gym (but that’s another story). There were people in my life who attempted suicide, dropped out, passed out… and fell out. Looking back now, I know I navigated those years as best as I could – with a talent for side-stepping drama and asking questions that confronted the dynamics around me.

These hard questions, delivered with care and love, allowed me to continue into my MA and Ph.D. – challenging theories and practices that impact our whole society, and asking the questions it felt that to me, people were scared to ask. The lawyer line of enquiry with a hefty dose of passionate curiosity produced answers and solutions that I could only dream of uncovering, and I’ve been thrilled to share those findings at events around the world.

Now what? 12 years later, I’ve just finished another qualification in Coaching and Mentoring and am thrilled to be continuing to turn it into an MSc too!

My name is Laura, and I’m a qualifications and questions addict…

If you want to experience the tenacity and intellect of a lawyer, but the care and attention of someone who believes we are ALL beautiful humans with magic to share – I’m your girl. I’ll bring the gin and pompoms, you bring your story and passion, and together we’ll build you that stage you deserve.

Last week my coaching presence was observed as “lightly held intelligence and challenge” and hearing that from a professional and academic just FILLED me with joy – it’s important for me to connect myself and my clients and see us as a whole entity.

You’ll always get all of me when we work together – the coffee-fuelled, dog lover who can’t stand bad manners, the Dr of law who wants to hear your intelligence and curiosity challenge your own thinking, the divorcee and wife who knows what its like to navigate a partnership and relationship. The businesswoman who has both quit the day job and been promoted. I’ve hired, fired, been broke and abundant. .

When I bring all of it, you can bring all of it, and together that’s where something beautiful can happen.

If you want a cheerleader, accountability buddy and honest looking glass, you already know by now that my passion lies in digging down to your authentic self and vision, the one that makes you do a little happy dance and strut like a supermodel. Come and unlock those fears that are holding you back, recognise your potential, explore motivations and identify practical ideas that will enable your inner boss to shine.

Just get in touch to see how it feels to work together.



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