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Nov 18, 2019

You’ve heard the saying… content is indeed, king. But what content, when?!

It can be SO HARD to know what the right type of information you should be publishing is, especially if you only have a few hours every week to make sure you are utilising your site and marketing to the best of your ability!

The first thing, is to work out your goal – would you like engagement, to boost SEO, or create conversions? By working out the WHY, we can look at the WHAT!!

So… let’s have a look at all of these:


The aim of content for engagement is to encourage your followers to have meaningful interaction with your brand. It could be thought provoking, funny, something short and sweet that provokes a feeling and encourages shares!

The aim here is to be punchy, on brand and hit your follower in the heart. They want to fall in love with your content and share it with their mates. Think – videos, polls, quizzes, blogs and cute graphics.

You can track these engagements using simple metrics like your engagement rates, time on page, social shares, bounce rates and comments.


For SEO, we are looking to promote your brand to the algorithm, get your page rankings up and build industry authority. We need expert advice, opinions and referencable information that your followers will rely on.

The aim here is to produce key information that is easily digestable, but invaluable to your audience. It should educate and inform, and include striking visuals that can be pinned for later reference. Don’t forget easy social share buttons too! Think – infographics, worksheet downloads, and reports.

You can track how well this type of content is doing by checks on your search rankings, back links and link quality.


Here, we want to bring your lovely followers one step closer to hiring/purchasing from you and so we need to be talking to their problem, and connecting their issues with your hero solution!

What value and benefits are you offering, and what social proof can you provide that your product WORKS? Think case studies, promotions, testimonials, webinars, manuals, credentials and endorsements. Let your followers see your impact and connect with your brand purpose.

Work out how well this type of content performs by checking click rates, call to action responses, form submissions and conversion rates.

Laura Rose Creative - Creative Content and Social Media - Sheffield

When you’re too busy stressing about the latest insta-trend or what the heck the algorithm is getting up to this week, you can lose sight of what you’re really here for.

My job is to help you regain some perspective, look internally at your hopes and dream, the bigger picture of your beautiful business and then take a weight off by translating that into engaging social media posts when they matter they most.

I specialise in creating gorgeous content that connects, which means capturing your beautiful soul doing what it does best, pairing it with killer captions and supporting you to put your most powerful and authentic self out there! FIND OUT MORE HERE



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