How to utilise organic content and influencers

Nov 25, 2019

So, we are officially at ‘Peak Influencer’ level. As Casey Ferrell, Vice President and Head of U.S. Monitor (owned by Kantar) said in a recent Media Post interview:

“We are at peak influencer, and it’s beginning to run its course”

And it is easy to see why people are getting frustrated. Instagram has reportedly stopped showing likes and comments on posts in a few countries, and the algorithm on lots of our channels is not supportive of chronological feeds. Infuriating for the small business owner and both public viewer alike!

Instagram chief Adam Mosseri has pointed out that the test is designed to reduce the pressure on Instagram creators, and that the true measure of its success will relate to how it impacts people emotionally. Of course, there are various other measures which we can use to measure our social resonance beyond post likes, and when you also consider the potential positives of Instagram removing like counts (depressurising young people, removing fake accounts to name just a couple), it may just be something that we should all be getting behind?

While we might be annoyed the that algorithm seems to be totally destroying our views recently, consider this – as an industry, influencer marketing has become over-saturated and beleaguered by a heavy barrage of high-profile scandals and rampant reports of fraud. We’ve seen everything from reality TV stars accidentally posting brand instructions into their promotional posts, to a beloved social influencer admitting she’s actually a CGI robot, to brands like Payless fooling influencers into paying $640 for $20 shoes and not one but two documentaries on the disgrace that was (or wasn’t) the Fyre Festival. 

I specialise in creating gorgeous content that connects, which means capturing your beautiful soul doing what it does best, pairing it with killer captions and supporting you to put your most powerful and authentic self out there! So what can we do to get over the drama, and try and build our feeds to be full of authentic, organic content that we love to see?

  1. Curate a content bank –  63% of marketers feel pressure to continually produce greater amounts of content at higher frequencies and this is simply not a sustainable marketing strategy. If you consider a new post or article for every new channel, medium and niche audience – the scalability and reusability of content has become an increasingly important factor of long-term success. What banks of visuals and content can you tap into that gives you organic influencer content on tap? Maybe a lifestyle product shoot, day in the life blog post or instagram takeover?
  2. Authentic Testimonials– While traditional influencers may have been able to deliver the initial eyeballs brands have sought, impressions don’t equal purchases.  A recent Stackla study found that people are 9.8x more likely to make a purchase after seeing a peer’s social post, as opposed to that of a traditional social media influencer. So if you are a small business, getting real reviews from your actual customers and gaining those value-driven testimonials is essential!
  3. Utilise Quality Organic Content With organic influencers, the content is earned, not paid, so you never lose that authenticity factor. By inviting your fans into an organic influencer community (structured or via a hashtag), you can not only cultivate a 1:1 connection with them, but you can also open the lines of communication to help guide the types of content that they post about your brand. 

It’s official – today’s largest group of consumers – Millennials and Gen Z – prioritise authenticity above all else when choosing which brands they support, and their trust in traditional influencers is at an all-time low.  It’s time to adopt an organic influencer strategy as part of your 2020 plans in order to build loyal communities, while also creating scalable, authentic content experiences that deliver a real return on investment. 

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