2019 Review and my word for 2020

Dec 16, 2019

Honestly, the years just seem to fly by faster and faster the older I get. Is that normal?!

This year, my word was ‘shine’ and goodness me, did that deliver! I vowed to get behind the camera more, and make big business plans and I have to say … mission accomplished batman!

Here’s what 2019 had in store…

2019 Review and my word for 2020 - Laura Rose Creative

January started jam-packed with mini-shoots thanks to my mission to do more content creation! I snapped a person trainer, a gorgeous couple on their engagement and a VA all rocking their best lives! I also nipped off down to the big smoke for a shoot of my own to make sure my own content was showing off me at my best! Got to practice what you preach and all that…

February is one of those short and sweet months, but I managed to ram it full of amazing-ness! First off, I started an MSc at Hallam University in Coaching and Mentoring! I’d been pondering furthering my professional development for a while, and so I was super excited to be accepted. There were a couple more incredible photoshoots, 3 brand and website launches and finally, I nipped off to Liverpool for my hen-do and got pampered to the hilt for…

…our wedding!! March was all about getting married, and recovering from getting married. Enough said.

2019 Review and my word for 2020 - Laura Rose Creative

And after all those festivities, we powered into April with a full rebrand. I had been driving forwards with personal development, and shouting “DO WHAT YOU LOVE” from the rooftops, which is why our merry band of Laura’s ventured off on their own, into the incredible world that they’ve built. Enter, Laura Rose Creative! See also – another week in uni, coaching calls with incredible entrepreneurs and a trip to Wales to create content for GB Climbing!

In May we took a late honeymoon to Croatia, and managed to squish in loads of brand coaching meetings and more mini-shoots both for some incredible clients and another trip to london for my own shoots! Looking back at my diary now, I honestly don’t know how I did it… riding the honeymoon high it would seem!

2019 Review and my word for 2020 - Laura Rose Creative

Summer came around hard and fast with a family funeral, more coaching, a a couple of trips to Chatsworth for a lovely client content session and family visit, and a cookery demo shoot. Another whirlwind few months including more university workshops and jam-packed with coaching and brand development, with a little spot of photo and video content here and there!

And into the Autumn we rolled, full to the brim and full of incredible trips – starting with a retreat to France, then London and Scotland! By the time November arrived, I was ready to slow the F down, and take a breather – which is why its a good job my year at uni finished (with a coaching and mentoring qualification approved by the European council) and I stopped heading off here, there and everywhere!

As you read this, I’ll be on a well deserved holiday in Canada, doing more photography, reflecting, eating and sleeping. Lots of sleeping. And mulled wine!

But what about next year?

Well as you may have heard, we’ve recently started the process of purchasing a BEAUTIFUL little studio near to us, for use by our clients for photoshoots, visits and just general all round brand gorgeousness! I know at the start of this year I said I wanted to invest in my business, but in for a penny right?! You can stay tuned for more info on the studio – I’ll be sharing on my instagram and adding a ‘hire’ page on the website.

It will be a space for LRC to get, well, creative! Photoshoots, gorgeous coaching sessions, group workshops. You name it – with south facing windows, the best of Sheffield on our doorstep and a killer café just downstairs, this will be a creative bolt-hole where magic can happen.

So, I think then that 2020 word better be MAGIC, yes!? Here’s to believing, to manifesting, to leaving behind the past decade and creating to power within to do whatever the hell we want!

Are you with me?!

2019 Review and my word for 2020 - Laura Rose Creative


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