2020 is our year to be AUTHENTIC

Jan 8, 2020

This week I went to a networking event and heavens knows its been an absolute age since I pitched. I was last up (the order is random, so not by choice!) and had been absolutely glued to the previous speakers’ stories before me. Property investor, writer, cleaner, photographer… the industries represented were diverse and yet the energy in the room was entrancing.

2020 was going to be our year. We were exited. We were ready.

I had my usual pitch lined up and ready to go, but as I stood to walk to the front of the room for my turn, I realised I had goosebumps. My hands were shaking and as someone who loves a bit of public speaking… this was not nerves.

I started to speak, voice high and fast, telling everyone who I was, and what I do, and then something inside me took over, and as I looked them in the eye I saw a room full of bold business owners ready to step into their moment. I could feel their passion for community, for good business, and for support.

It was a room full of heart-led businesses, who as I told them that I truely believed 2020 to be our year sat forwards in their seats. I shared my deep-seated intentions to help others this year let go of the crappy shoulds and coulds, and make way for the good stuff.

In this crazy digital age, there is simply no room anymore for the fake, the noise and the drama. We have had enough. Sure, the servers aren’t saurdated but we certainly are. We’ve had enough of the posting-for-the-sake-of-it, of second guessing the algorithm, and of feeling beholden to the internet.

2020 is our time to step up and dig deep. To let go of the shield and share our brilliance for all that it is so that we connect with the people that truly see and hear us.

I will be forever thankful that the people in the room this week completely understood me and felt the same… and for laughing when I dropped the f-bomb.

When you’re too busy stressing about the latest insta-trend or what the heck the algorithm is getting up to this week, you can lose sight of what you’re really here for.

My advice? Drop the crap. Stop posting ‘because you should’. Look internally at your hopes and dreams, the bigger picture of your beautiful business and then take a weight off by translating that into engaging social media posts when they matter they most.

You got this. 2020 is time to share your beautiful self and biz to the max!



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