How to Commit to your Goals

Jan 30, 2020

The cold days of spring tend to feel long for all of us for a number of different reasons. Some of us get paid before Christmas, which means January turns into a 6 week pay month. Others of us decide to embark on a New Year’s resolution which feels like you are being deprived of something. Or, you might just feel that you’ve had enough of the winter dreariness and have given up on things until Spring. 

Any of those sound about right? 

It’s something I’ve been thinking a lot about recently, and working with clients who feel at the end of their tether or that they want to give up. And the word that rises up again and again is COMMITMENT

I once went to a wedding of a pair of friends, and during the ceremony the vicar said ‘marriage is choosing to love someone every day’, and she was totally correct. Saying something once does not make a commitment. Even if its standing in a church in front of 150 of your friends and family. No, commitment comes every single day.

If you commit to something, I guarantee you cannot fail. And before you ask, no – making it ‘facebook official’ is not making a commitment. It may be one stage to the process, but it doesn’t stop there. 

Ask yourself – 
1. What have I invested in this? Time, money, space?
2. Have I made it public/accountable?
Do you have a check in or buddy to hold you responsible?
3. It is genuinely attainable? C’mon SMART goals! 
4. Have I changed my environment? Re-evaluate the lie of the land and make sure things are correlated to your new commitment.

You all know how to goal set, I’m sure. Goals are drilled into us from a young age now but what we aren’t taught is how to commit to them and make them happen. 

When we pledge at the start of the year to do dry-January, we commit in just these ways. In investing emotionally in making our health better (chances are you are hungover when doing this so it makes it even more effective), before declaring to all around that you’re not having a drop this month! You may even get sponsors, or sign up to an app. Its specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time bound – 31 days, no booze. And you’ve already hidden/thrown out/drank/given away the leftover drinks from Christmas so your environment is ready to help you commit.

Every evening. Every meal. You opt for a soft drink. Congratulations – you are committing.

My passion lies in helping business owners not only identify those goals and big picture dreams, but commit to them day after day. When we are clear on where our authentic brand lies, we can be confident in committing to making great things happen. Getting in touch with our true values unleashes the whole of our being and once we are ALL IN with our whole self, it’s simply inevitable that it will happen! 

I’m gonna shine a light on your barriers, but I’ll also bring the pompoms and highfives for the effort you are giving simply by showing up day after day and encourage you to do the same thing. February is not just for lovers, it’s for some serious goal smashing. January was your warm up, now February is GO time! This year we get a bonus day (leapin’ lizards!) so there really is no excuse.

I am SO excited to be able to share with you that I am now a coach and mentor with qualifications accredited with the European Mentoring and Coaching Council!! What does that mean?! 

It means that I have the academic underpinning knowledge and the ability to demonstrate this against demanding and rigorous standards set by a governing body – giving you the very best, educated coaching sessions. . 

I have the professional support, supervision and accountability to develop myself into the best coach I can be – for you. 

And most of all, it means I have invested as much in myself, as I know my clients invest in working with me ❤️

If you’d like to find out more about working with me – please click here or get in touch! 



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