10 things that will benefit your business whilst social distancing

Mar 15, 2020

So, we’re social distancing now and whilst this is obviously a COVID-19 related post, I think this could work for any business owner that finds themselves with extra time on their (very clean) hands through mild illness, injury or other reasons you may be house/bed bound.

You may be thinking that whilst the world goes on lock-down, so should your business, but I would argue that this is 2020 end of Q1 giving you the perfect opportunity to slow down, take stock and re-visit your goals and targets for this year.

So, if you find yourself twiddling your thumbs why not take a look at the following things that you can be happy knowing you ARE working on your business:

  1. Read a business book – When was the last time you got inspired by a good book (or blog)? I love a good book that fills me with ideas and positivity! My favourite picks at the moment are: How to Win Friends and Influence People, The 4 Hour Work Week and I will always read anything by Rebecca Campbell. If you need more ideas, my accountant Rachael has some great suggestions on her instagram highlights.

  2. Take some time to tidy and file your inbox – If coronavirus hasn’t peaked your anxiety yet, an overflowing and messy inbox is a sure fire way to stress me out. I recently invested in an inbox detox with my amazing VA and now I log off every evening with the holy grail of inbox zero. Tidy space, tidy mind and all that.

  3. Re-visit your messaging – 80% of the people I work with are struggling to communicate just how awesome they are to their potential clients. They know they love their work, and they do an amazing job – but getting that message out there? It feels really uncomfortable and like its a lump in their throat. Take some time to revisit your ideal client, your dream work and polish your message so that you can be happy knowing your whole authentic self is out there. To purchase my workbooks to help you through, go here.

  4. Tune into some TED talks or podcasts – When was the last time you truly relaxed? Grab your favourite podcast or youtube channel and zone out. If you don’t want to tune into something business-y, laughter is good for the soul. I recommend Eliza Schlesinger on Netflix, or My Dad Wrote A P*rno.

  5. Update your website – Now you’ve had a look at your messaging, got those feel good vibes going and got inspired, does your website (aka shop front) really represent who you are?! Flex your creative muscles and give it a polish. Or, ask someone to help. Remote working is now super important and you can work together over Skype and using apps like Trello/Asana/Slack to keep projects on track.

  6. Brainstorm some evergreen content – How awesome would be it be to wake up in the morning and see that your content has been getting you bookings or making sales overnight? That’s what evergreen content does – it works hard in the background for you! Think digital downloads, e-books, workbooks and subscriptions. Content creation is my jam; if you need a gal pal to help, get in touch for zoom brainstorming sessions on this!

  7. Research networking and groups in your local area – Let’s face it, after its all died down, we are gonna be craving that social interaction again. Take some time to research and get some networking events in your calender. Not sure where to start? Ask your biz mates what they would recommend. Your phone and social media still works, after all.

  8. Support other local businesses – I’m not sticking my head in the sand, its going to be hard, but there’s lots of things we can do. Use local highstreet businesses rather than the big supermarkets; comment, like and share on social media; tag and promote your biz besties; order online with local brands instead of Amazon; order a takeaway from your local Chinese or Indian (profiling is proving that these guys are feeling the hit already). We can do this!

  9. Tidy, clean and optimise your workspace – Need to do something with your hands? Get scrubbing, re-arrange your workspace, upcycle some furniture or start a moodboard. Make your at-home workspace your sanctuary and welcome in the feel good vibes.

  10. Resurrect that old LinkedIn account, address book or email contacts – Connection is key at the moment, and a simple ‘hi, how can I help?’ message may just be the thing that someone you know needs. The world is slowing down and reconnecting right now. The smog will be lifting (literally in some areas) and we will start re-prioritising. Now is your chance to make sure you are being present for the people you care about.



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