voice of reason
sounding board
honest girlfriend
and personal champion. 

My passion lies in digging down to your authentic self and vision, the one that makes you do a little happy dance and pour champagne on your cereal. 

you're da bomb!

“I love your style and your words and know you ‘get it’ - I can trust you to take things off my hands and run with it. You’re da bomb!! ”


Brand coaching and mini-shoots 

I see you, hiding, nervous of putting your face on the grid or sharing your full story on your website. 

These are yours if you want:
- Authenticity and messaging speed coaching that will release you from the lies that keep you from being the face of your own business.
- Cheerleading that allows you to step into your entrepreneur shoes with the confidence of walking on your very own catwalk
- A personalised brand shoot that captures this glow in images that will connect with your audience the moment you share them.

spaces available

brand shoots