After the last year, I have worked with SO many people who have taken lockdown as the headspace they needed to FINALLY put that big dream into action. From ethically sourced vintage jewellery, to beautiful homewares and even subscription plant based Asian cuisine, I’ve been part of some incredible projects. And I don’t see that […]

Well. 2020 was a year for us all, we know that, but my world did not stop turning and in fact I had some of my most successful months ever! I kicked off the year with some super exciting branding projects – filling my diary with brand development calls and coaching sessions to weave together […]

If the prospect of change, a new normal, career switches and relationship upheavals brings you out in hives, I’m here for a mini coaching 101 today, to tell you that you CAN have a positive transition, that will leave you in a better, more positive headspace!  Right now, I would totally understand if you are […]

Business owners aren’t immune to mental health problems – we need to learn to apply the ‘science of happiness’ to business to support entrepreneurs’ mental health and business growth For Britain’s 5.7m small and medium-sized enterprises, poor mental health seems to come with the territory even if you’re not a particularly anxious person. There are […]

“Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle.” Tim Hiller Last week, the UK changed their COVID-19 data reporting overnight to include all deaths in the community, not just those in hospital. Overnight, the numbers doubled, and whilst it was looking like a positive moment in our nation overcoming the peak of the pandemic, that […]

Time for a Spring Clean? We know that many businesses are seasonal. Just like me, you thrive in the sunshine and can stagnate in those cold and boring late winter months. But Spring is here and if you find yourself twiddling your thumbs at the moment,  it is time to start thinking about what you […]

Did you catch my last post on things that you can be doing to ensure that you are still working on your business whilst self-isolating or social distancing? After sharing it on social media I had some GREAT feedback on other things you guys are doing, what COVID-19 and the subsequent social distancing is teaching […]

So, we’re social distancing now and whilst this is obviously a COVID-19 related post, I think this could work for any business owner that finds themselves with extra time on their (very clean) hands through mild illness, injury or other reasons you may be house/bed bound. You may be thinking that whilst the world goes […]

The cold days of spring tend to feel long for all of us for a number of different reasons. Some of us get paid before Christmas, which means January turns into a 6 week pay month. Others of us decide to embark on a New Year’s resolution which feels like you are being deprived of […]

This week I went to a networking event and heavens knows its been an absolute age since I pitched. I was last up (the order is random, so not by choice!) and had been absolutely glued to the previous speakers’ stories before me. Property investor, writer, cleaner, photographer… the industries represented were diverse and yet […]