This week I went to a networking event and heavens knows its been an absolute age since I pitched. I was last up (the order is random, so not by choice!) and had been absolutely glued to the previous speakers’ stories before me. Property investor, writer, cleaner, photographer… the industries represented were diverse and yet […]

Honestly, the years just seem to fly by faster and faster the older I get. Is that normal?! This year, my word was ‘shine’ and goodness me, did that deliver! I vowed to get behind the camera more, and make big business plans and I have to say … mission accomplished batman! Here’s what 2019 […]

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. My clients are seriously inspiring. Not in the ‘end world hunger’ kind of way, but more the fact that they teach me new things and inspire me to be a better person. Which, arguably, is much more impactive for a small business owner! Last weekend I […]

So, we are officially at ‘Peak Influencer’ level. As Casey Ferrell, Vice President and Head of U.S. Monitor (owned by Kantar) said in a recent Media Post interview: “We are at peak influencer, and it’s beginning to run its course” And it is easy to see why people are getting frustrated. Instagram has reportedly stopped showing […]

It’s been a while since I shared some of my photography, and that’s because this summer has been an absolute whirlwind of content! Between heading out to France on a retreat and then to Liverpool, Manchester and London, with gorgeous client meetings inbetween, my feet have not touched down! Earlier this month, however, I was […]

You’ve heard the saying… content is indeed, king. But what content, when?! It can be SO HARD to know what the right type of information you should be publishing is, especially if you only have a few hours every week to make sure you are utilising your site and marketing to the best of your […]

2 years ago this week I packed up my bedroom and piled boxes and bags into my dad’s car, ready to head off to uni in my now beloved Sheffield. I was almost paralysed with fear, and I think that car journey was the first day I ever experienced car travel sickness. It was a […]

It’s that time of the month again… where I look back on what’s cropped up and consequently what I learned and loved during August 2019! August feels like it has been so busy with work, that it’s just flashed by! So recently I have been working with a TONNE of awesome ladies that are focused […]

Okay, confession time…. In the 4 years I’ve been running my own business, I’ve never run a launch campaign for Laura Rose Creative / Anchor & Dash. WHAAAAAAT Yes, I’ve started new packages, products and options … so why no launch? Because I didn’t need to. As a small business owner my availability is limited, […]

I’m gonna say it – headshots are painful, boring and usually just a bit of a rubbish experience. Sound familiar? Today I’m here to tell you to let that sh*t go, and believe me when I say that your shoot is so much more than than ‘what do I do with my hands? is my […]