I'm that honest friend that goes with you to the pub, and says "Girl, let's unpack that. What do you REALLY want?!"

I’ll show you exactly what your potential can feel like, until your life becomes your catwalk. I’ll unravel those confusing and chaotic thoughts that are whizzing around in that magificent brain of yours, and clarify them into exciting, innovative inspiration. How we see ourselves is a major factor in what we can achieve - and I am here to show you exactly what I see: a brilliant entrepreneur just DYING to get out there and shine.


I’ll guide you through a reflection of your work, targets, hopes and dreams so that the noise fades away, and all that remains is the true light of your brilliance, shining through.

1 hour - £89
3 session series - £249

We’ll look at your brand story, message and reconnect it with that inner spark inside you. With your enthusiasm reignited, we’ll create your plan and get you inspired to share it with the world with a killer mini photoshoot!

2.5 hours (coaching + mini brand shoot): £249


The whole shebang to get you living your best biz life! We'll chat fortnightly to  create an effortless strategy to turn those dreams into plans. I’m on call for the whole time to hold your hand and fight your corner. Oh, and we finish with cocktails. Obvs.

3 month package: £799

mini shoot

brand booster &

on demand


coaching & mentoring packages

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precious thinking time

“I found the session really valuable, it is precious thinking time. It makes such a difference having a good coach like Laura prompting you to gently articulate and solve the barriers you create in your mind”

- Alena, hands & heart therapy


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i feel confident!

“With Laura’s help I have been able to fine tune important areas to move my business forward. I feel confident for what is coming up next!”

- cat, money mindset coach


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you are inspiring!

“You are inspiring me to do more, and I appreciate your affirmations so much. You are an amazing mentor!”

-rose, shine communications


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