Okay, confession time…. In the 4 years I’ve been running my own business, I’ve never run a launch campaign for Laura Rose Creative / Anchor & Dash. WHAAAAAAT Yes, I’ve started new packages, products and options … so why no launch? Because I didn’t need to. 80% of the people I work with are struggling […]

So, we are officially at ‘Peak Influencer’ level. As Casey Ferrell, Vice President and Head of U.S. Monitor (owned by Kantar) said in a recent Media Post interview: “We are at peak influencer, and it’s beginning to run its course” And it is easy to see why people are getting frustrated. Instagram has reportedly stopped showing […]

You’ve heard the saying… content is indeed, king. But what content, when?! It can be SO HARD to know what the right type of information you should be publishing is, especially if you only have a few hours every week to make sure you are utilising your site and marketing to the best of your […]

I’m gonna say it – headshots are painful, boring and usually just a bit of a rubbish experience. Sound familiar? Today I’m here to tell you to let that sh*t go, and believe me when I say that your shoot is so much more than than ‘what do I do with my hands? is my […]

It’s Friday and the Summer Solstice! Whether you couldn’t care less or will be dancing barefoot in the grass later (my jig may be gin fuelled – it’s called ‘balance’),  this week is the summer solstice here in the Northern Hemisphere (winter if your’re down under) and a perfect opportunity to reflect on the previous […]

The internet is a busy place. Did you know that every second, 6000 tweets are published on Twitter?! Add to that 660,000 business in the UK started up in 2016… that’s a lot of perceived competition for a small startup, creative or entrepreneur! In this digital age, a business in the UK has a worldwide […]

“A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life,” said Coco Chanel, a woman known for her sage wisdom. I bet we’ve all been there; you split with a partner and immediately book yourself into the salon. You’re ready for a new version of you, more than ‘washing that man/woman outta your […]

Let me ask you a question… When was the last time you took a picture? With your smart phone, camera, gopro… whatever. Today? I bet if you look in your camera reel, there will be a photo almost every day. To add some perspective, here are some figures: more than 350 million photos are uploaded […]

Back in the 90s, before I was barely a teen, our beloved Opal Fruits ditched their name, rebranding to Starburst. They said it wouldn’t make a difference but there was something strange and new about the new name. It didnt sit well with me and I remember thinking ‘what is this madness?!’ when I went […]

Time for a Spring Clean? We know that many businesses are seasonal. Just like me, you thrive in the sunshine and can stagnate in those cold and boring late winter months. But Spring is just around the corner and it is time to start thinking about what you can do to set you up for […]